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Summary on Metallogeny of Copper Deposits in Mongolia
Jiang Sihong, Han Shijiong, Chen Zhenghui, Mei Yanxiong, Wu Yudong, Yang Yancheng, Liu Yifei, Zhang Lili
2019, 38(5): 1-19.
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Mineralogical Characteristics of Longgen Skarn-Type Pb-Zn Deposit in Tibet and Its Geological Significance
Guo Xinran, Gao Shunbao, Zheng Youye, Zhang Yongchao, Jiang Junsheng, Zhang Shuzhi
2019, 38(5): 31-45.
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Rock Characteristics and Volcanic Eruption-Sedimentary Periods of Jianchuan Formation in Jianchuan Basin, Western Yunnan
Xu Yadong, Zheng Guodong, Zhang Kexin, Wei Minghao
2019, 38(5): 165-173.
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Stability Analysis of Deep-Seated Toppling in Interlayered Rock Slopes Based on Evolution Process
Tang Huiming, Ning Yibin, Zhang Guangcheng
2019, 38(5).
Abstract PDF icon545 icon24279
Structural Characteristics and Their Control over Ordovician Hydrocarbon Migration Pathway System in Yubei Area, Tarim Basin
Luo Shaohui
2019, 38(5): 20-30.
Abstract PDF icon1352 icon24256
Application of Radioactive Thorium Logging in Provenance Analysis
Hu Chenyu, Hu Guangming, He Youbin, Li Jiyong, Li Hanyang, Xu Mali
2019, 38(5): 54-63.
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Distribution and Controlling Factors of Movable Fluid in Tight Sandstone Reservoir: Taking Chang 6 Formation of Huaqing Oilfield in Ordos Basin as An Example
Xie Shenghong, Wang Xuefeng
2019, 38(5): 105-114.
Abstract PDF icon586 icon24238
Experimental of Dynamic Response of Hydraulic Fracture Characteristic Parameters of Shale under Triaxial Loading
Wang Tianyi, Peng Canwei
2019, 38(5): 261-268.
Abstract PDF icon629 icon24238
Formation Mechanism of Reverse Fault in Tanan Depression and Its Role in Hydrocarbon Accumulation
Hu Yushuang, Zhang Weijian, Wang Guiyou
2019, 38(5): 90-96.
Abstract PDF icon1380 icon24221
Process of Carbon Dioxide Blasting to Build EGS Thermal Reservoir
2019, 38(5).
Abstract PDF icon421 icon24183
Construction and Optimization of Spatial Index Model for Massive Geospatial Data Based on HBase
Liu Zhenhua
2019, 38(5): 253-260.
Abstract PDF icon414 icon24164
Characteristics and Evaluation of Heavy Metal Pollution in Soils of Mining Areas in the Yangtze River Economic Belt
Fang Chuandi, Cheng Jinhua, Zhao Pengda, Liu Jintian
2019, 38(5): 230-239.
Abstract PDF icon406 icon24137
Quaternary Strata in the Lingshan M63/4 Earthquakes Epicenter Region in 1936, Guangxi
Pan Lili, Li Xiguang
2019, 38(5): 147-154.
Abstract PDF icon369 icon24112
Load Model of Surrounding Soil for Structural Repair Design of Concrete Pipeline
He Chunliang, Ma Baosong, Zhao Yahong, Zhang Haifeng
2019, 38(5).
Abstract PDF icon385 icon24109
Intermittent Movement Prediction of Colluvial Landslide in the Three Gorges Reservoir: A Case Study of Baishuihe Landslide
Sun Yiqing, Li Deying, Yin Kunlong, Chen Lixian
2019, 38(5).
Abstract PDF icon311 icon24099
Analysis of Influencing Factors of Selenium Content in Rice-Root Soil System in Southern Jiangxi
Fu Zhongbiao, He Ningjie, Bao Zhengyu, Chen Guoguang
2019, 38(5): 220-229.
Abstract PDF icon390 icon24091
Characteristics and Evaluation of Jurassic Source Rocks in Zhongkouzi Basin, Beishan Basins, Gansu-Inner Mongolia Area
Han Xiaofeng, Niu Haiqing, Pu Jianjun, Wei Jianshe, Zhang Huiyuan, Wang Baowen
2019, 38(5): 46-53.
Abstract PDF icon343 icon24056
Distribution Characteristics of Fractures in the Ordovician Yijianfang Formation in Tuofutai Area, Tahe Oilfield
Liu Zhiyuan, Mao Haijun, Yan Yujie, Song Zhifeng
2019, 38(5): 64-70.
Abstract PDF icon362 icon24037
Evolution Characteristics and Disaster Modes of Repeatedly Failure Loess Landslides in Southern Jingyang Plateau, Shaanxi Province
Zhang Yixi, Zhou Xiaopeng, Zhu Dongxue
2019, 38(5).
Abstract PDF icon372 icon24030
Impact of Paleoclimate on Arsenic Accumulation in the Quaternary Sediments of Datong Basin, Northern China
He Junrong, Xie Xianjun, Chi Zeyong, Liu Wenjing, Pi Kunfu
2019, 38(5).
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