Responsibilities of Publisher

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In order to strengthen the construction of academic integrity of “BULLETIN OF THE GEOLOGICAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY”(abbr., THE JOURNAL), standardize the process of writing, submission, editing and publishing papers, prevent the very behavior of academic misconduct, on the basis of the Copyright Law, Publication Ethics in China and Abroad,Academic Publishing Standard: Definition of Academic Misconduct in Periodicals(CY/T 174-2019) and other relevant clauses, whiletaking the actual situation into account, THE JOURNAL issues an ethical statement to authors, editors of THE JOURNALand our peers. For more details, please refer to the Publication Ethics Standards and the official website ( of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) formulated by the China National Press and Publication Administration, as well as the Publication Ethics Standardspublished by European Society of Science Editor (EASE).

(1) THE JOURNAL will always review the papers objectively and fairly;

(2) If any academic misconduct is found in the accepted papers, THE JOURNAL has the right to reject the paper and notify the author’s unit and the related journals;

(3) For published papers, if any academic misconduct is found, THE JOURNAL will withdraw the papers and publish a retraction statement;

(4)THE JOURNAL will publish detailed guidelines required by authors (such as submission guidelines, etc.) and update them in time;

(5) Advertisements should not be related in any way to editorial decision making and shall be kept separate from the published content.

(6)THE JOURNAL will formulate a system for managing conflicts of interest among its editors, authors, reviewers and editorial board members.

Remarks: "Publishing Ethics" in this statement refers to the ethics, professional ethics and code of behaviors that should be followed by all subjects in the publishing of sci-tech journals.

These standards shall come into effect as of the date of statement.

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