Introduction to Bulletin of Geological Science and Technology

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Geological Science and Technology Bulletin (ISSN2096-8523,CN42-1904/P, former Geological Science and Technology Information), founded in 1982, is a comprehensive geoscience and engineering science journal published by the Ministry of Education and sponsored by China University of Geosciences (Wuhan). It has been renamed the Bulletin of Geological Science and Technology since 2020,and been classified as a T2 journal in the classification catalog of high-quality scientific and technological journals in the geoscience field, a T4 journal by China University of Geosciences (Wuhan). In recent years, the influence and reputation of periodicals have been greatly enhanced.

Objective of publication: Track the frontier in the modern world geological science and technology; focus on geological frontier fields of science and technology progress, new trends, new results, new technology, especially the major national science and technology research projects, natural science fund project achievements; promote geological academic exchanges, leading the study subject development, service national development strategy and economic development needs.

Published content: Mainly publishes academic papers and scientific research achievements related to mineral surveys and exploration, petroleum geological exploration, oil and gas field development and petroleum engineering, hydrogeology and environmental geology, engineering geology, geophysics and detection, remote sensing geology, etc.

Columns setting: Permanent columns of resource geology and engineering, engineering geology and geological disaster, environmental geology and hydrogeology, new technology and new methods, etc. There are also special columns, such as geo-research reviews and thematic columns.

Collection status:

Ei Page One (1998-2003)

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Scopus (2001-2003)

Chinese Science and Technology Core Journals

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Overview of Chinese Core Journals

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Sci-tech Journals World Influence Index (WJCI)

Geological Reference Database


Japan Science and Technology Agency Database

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Urlich Journal Guide

Bokan Database


Journal of honor:

Excellent Journal of Science and Technology Innovation Fountainhead Engineering

Excellent Sci-tech Periodical award of Chinese Universities

National Science and Technology Periodical Excellent Editor Quality Award

Second prize of National College Excellent Journals Competition of Ministry of Education

Excellent Periodical award of Hubei Province

Advanced collective of Science and Technology Periodical Work in Hubei Province

Advanced collective of Hubei Science and Technology Journal Editors Association

Second prize of Science and Technology Periodical Appraisal of Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources

Executive Excellence Award of CAJ-CD Specification issued by China Academic Journal Editorial Committee


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