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Founded in 1982, Bulletin of Geological Science and Technology (ISSN 2096-8523, CN 42-1904/P) is a comprehensive academic journal distributed worldwide in the field of geoscience engineering. It is administrated by the Ministry of Education, the People's Republic of China, and sponsored by China University of Geoscience, Wuhan. Currently, the journal publishes on a bi-monthly basis. It was formerly known as Geological Science and Technology Information and was renamed to its current name, Bulletin of Geological Science and Technology, in 2020. It is graded as a Tier 2 High-quality Scientific Journal in the field of geoscience.


Bulletin of Geological Science and Technology aims to report on the latest progress, trends, achievements and technologies in the field of geoscience. It endeavors to facilitate academic exchanges in geoscience, and serve the needs of national development strategies and economic improvement.

The journal gives priority to articles on major national scientific and technological research projects especially those supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Publication Scope

The journal mainly publishes academic articles and scientific research achievements in the field of mineral deposit survey and exploration, petroleum geological exploration, oil and gas field development and petroleum engineering, hydrogeology and environmental geology, engineering geology, geophysics and exploration, remote sensing geology, etc.


The main columns include Resource Geology and Engineering, Engineering Geology and Geological Disasters, Environmental Geology and Hydrogeology, New Technologies and New Methods, etc. It also includes special columns such as Research Commentary, Special Topics, etc.


The journal's readers are mainly researchers, engineers, managers, as well as university professors and students in geoscience.

Publication Date

The journal is published bimonthly on the 31st of each odd-numbered month for the printed edition; bimonthly on the 5th of each even-numbered month for the online edition.


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