Guidelines for submission of Bulletin of Geological Science and Technology

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I. View submission agreement

(1) The author must ensure the correctness of ideological and political orientation and territorial integrity, especially in regard to maps and national boundaries, and the latest official maps issued by the state must be used.

(2) The author guarantees that the paper is an original work and does not involve leakage or multiple submissions. In case of infringement or leakage, the author shall bear the responsibility.

(3) I published in print and online publication mode at the same time, this newspaper published papers, will be "China academic journals (cd-rom version)", "Chinese periodical net", the data - digital periodical group of "ten thousand", "Chinese core journals (selection) database", "d PuZhongWen science and technology journal full-text database", "longyuan journal net", "huayi database", such as collection, The author's copyright fee and the remuneration will be paid once and for all. If the author does not agree to include his article in the editorial, please submit it to another publication.

(4) Submissions are only accepted in the online office system of the website. The editorial department will send a receipt to the author within 3 days after receiving the manuscript. If you do not receive any processing result within 2 months, you can deal with it by yourself after informing the editorial department of the journal. Without the consent of the editorial department of this journal, no other journal shall be submitted to any other journal after receiving the revised opinions or employment notices. The authors of the accepted manuscripts will be notified by email, and the authors can check the status in the submission system. After acceptance, the manuscript should be filled in and "Copyright License And Use Agreement", sent to the editorial department by express or photograph.

(5) The journal will not charge the review fee for the manuscripts not accepted; Review fees will be charged if the author's own reasons lead to the withdrawal or rejection of the paper.

(6) Manuscripts are responsible for themselves. The editorial department has the right to make technical and textual modifications to the manuscript, and the consent of the author shall be obtained for substantive modifications.

2. Comparative publication range

Mineral survey and exploration, petroleum geological exploration, oil and gas field development, hydrogeology and environmental geology, engineering geology, geological disaster, geophysics and detection, remote sensing geology, big data and other geoscience engineering majors.

3. Check the writing requirements

The length of the paper should not exceed 20,000 words (including text, figure, table, reference and abstract), and the title should not exceed 20 words in Chinese.

Please refer to "Submission Format Requirements" in the attachment below. Please be sure to modify the requirements one by one according to "Submission Format Requirements". Manuscripts that do not meet the requirements of the journal (including content, publication scope and format) will be rejected directly.

The word content of the submitted paper should include title, abstract, key words, text, references and corresponding English parts in Chinese (including title, abstract, key words and references).

Note: ① The full text should be marked with consecutive line numbers (in word "Page Layout");

② The author's specific information in both Chinese and English was deleted from the Word document, including the author's name, employer, author's brief introduction and contact information. The author's name and unit should be written as "Author, Unit 230000" to facilitate anonymous review and duplicate check.

③ Please upload a brief introduction of the author, including the author's name, organization, brief introduction and contact information, as well as the name and organization of the tutor. Can include scientific research, published papers and so on.

4. According to the steps of submission

(1) Under the column of "Online Office System", click "Author Login" to appear the author Center interface. After logging in to the personal information, enter the personal interface. If you are using it for the first time, you need to register before logging in.

(2) After entering the personal interface, click "Submit new Manuscript" to see "Manuscript Confirmation".

(3) After agreeing with the "Manuscript Confirmation", fill in the information as prompted and submit the information, the paper will be successfully submitted. Use the registered login and password to check the processing status of manuscripts at any time.

Before submission, please read the submission format requirements carefully and pay attention to the latest news on our website. If you cannot log in or upload your manuscript, it may be related to your browser. Please change your browser. If you still cannot solve the problem, please contact the editorial department at 027-67885048, E-mail:

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